Parts Update

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the second tutorial is going to be on Thursday Feb 9th at 7:00pm in T13 125 (this room is much bigger). We also wanted to let you that we will only have 25 sets of parts there (48 teams have registered, of those, about 90% say they want parts). 30 more sets are on backorder. We ordered them two months ago but we do not have a definite date for the arrival of those parts. Our best estimates put the arrival sometime mid-month, although it is tough to say with international shipping.
We will be holding an online lottery (through google form) to determine which teams will be receiving parts on the 9th. Sign up is on the Sumobot website and will close at midnight of Wednesday Feb 8th. We feel that this is the only fair way to give out the limited number of parts that we currently have.
Even though we only have a limited number of parts right now, we have lots more on the way! So even if you didn’t win the lottery, you can still bring your $40 to tutorial and we can put you on the wait-list. You will get the parts to you as soon as we do!
We know that this may be difficult with deadlines rolling up, but talk to your mentors (if they haven’t contacted you by the end of this week let us know!) as they will be able to give you lots of information on how to make the best with what you’ve got.
Although our record turnout has caused some difficulties with having sufficient parts, we are ecstatic that so many people have shown interest for the competition this semester. We urge those who may not get their parts next week to hang tight, bear with us for another week or two and try to work around the parts delay.
Hope to see you all out at the tutorial on Thursday!

Sumobot Execs

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