Executives Application

With the end of the 2018-2019 year rapidly approaching the current exec team is starting our search for the fresh blood to join us!

We are looking for any and all positions! Below you can find brief descriptions about what each position entails, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t change. If you think that you can help out in a new role, let us know! Our end goal is to make the club better for members however that comes about.

We will be taking note of all applications that come in. If you have any questions about the positions, or the process feel free to shoot us an email!

  • VP Administration:
    Responsible for taking meeting minutes, booking rooms, and organizing event bookings. They work closely with the president to help with forms that are required for MSU and MES.
  • VP Finance:
    Responsible for booking keeping, keeping track of expenses and advising the exec team with what is within the club’s budget for the year. They also assist the VP Outreach to secure funding and sponsorship opportunities for the club.
  • VP Outreach:
    Responsible for pursuing sponsorship opportunities, external communication, and organizing promotional events like clubs fest.
  • VP Events:
    Responsible for organizing and running the sumo competitions. Will coordinate with judges and teams on event day to ensure an amazing competition is put on. 
  • VP Media:
    Responsible for maintaining the sumobot website, facebook posts and advertising for the club. Will assist the VP Events during competition time for advertising around campus.

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