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The McMaster Sumobot Competition is a robotics organization that challenges students to design their own autonomous fighting robots, which are pitted against each other in tournament-style, one-on-one wrestling matches. Come and learn more about us!

The Sumobot Executive Team is working hard to deliver the best Sumobot Competition yet! To keep up to date with changes, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and join our Facebook group!

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Single Elimination Tree

Upcoming Event

Sumobot 2019 Beginner’s Competition

Hello there!

Thank you for registering for the Sumobot Winter 2019 Beginner Competition! Hope you guys have started building your Sumo marauder for the battlefield! Below is the schedule for the Beginner Competition.

Competition Day!

Sunday, March 31st, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
MUSC Atrium

There has been a change in scheduling the Beginner Competition. First year engineering students have many midterms surrounding the week of March 24th, with their last midterm on Monday, March 25th. Therefore, Sumobot has decided to reschedule the Beginner Competition on the last weekend of March (Sunday, March 31st) from 9:30 – 5:00 PM in MUSC lobby.

Competition Schedule

9:30 – 11:00: Team Sign In
11:00 – 1:30: Preliminary
1:30 – 2:00: Lunch Break
2:00 – 3:30: Double Elimination
3:30 – 4:00: Semi / Finals
4:00 – 4:30: End of Competition

Team Sign In ends at 11:00 AM. Please arrive early to sign in your team. If your team is not signed in by 11:00 AM, your team may face disqualification. Due to a large number of teams competing, strict rules are enforced to keep the Competition on schedule.

Match Rule

All match results are determined based on the following conditions applied from top to bottom:

  • The sumobot must NOT move for the first 5 seconds when a match starts. The team that violates this rule loses the match.
  • If the sumobot does not move for ~20 seconds after the 5-second idle start, the team loses the match.
  • The first sumobot to touch the ground loses the match. Note that hanging over the edge of the ring does not constitute being pushed outside the ring.
  • If both sumobots [ stall in a lock ] or [ loop in circles without touching each other ] for more than ~30 seconds, the match ends in a draw.
  • Otherwise, the last sumobot standing on the ring wins the match.

Note that the first two losing conditions apply to both sumobot, meaning both team can simultaneously receive a loss. More details on simultaneous loss regarding preliminary and single elimination rounds are listed in their section.


All teams will be split into groups of 6 teams. Each team will have one match with every other teams within the same group. The 16 highest scoring teams across all groups will be moving onto the next round.

Points are allocated as followed:

  • Win = 2 points
  • Draw = 1 points
  • Loss = 0 points

If simultaneous loss occurs, both team will receive 0 point. Any tiebreaker match will use the single elimination rule listed in the next section.

Please sign into your MacID on Google to view your team points

Single Elimination

The 16 teams chosen from previous section will compete in a single elimination bracket. The match rule listed above will be used. Any team that lose will be eliminated from the competition.

If simultaneous loss occurs, both teams are eliminated from the competition, and an empty bracket will be carried over.

The top 16 teams are

  2. Boba Run
  3. Lunatechs
  4. Robotcrusher
  5. Bash Smash Crash
  6. Thunderbirds
  7. Individuals
  8. Discovery Channel
  9. Free Choice
  10. Ellipse
  11. angry reaccs
  12. ModTing
  13. TronRobot12
  14. gyck
  15. RAPA
  16. Ctrl alt defeat. Was a Tiebreaker between: QuintBot, Rikishi, Ctrl alt defeat

Please sign into your MacID on Google to view the single elimination brackets

Competition Prize

The top 3 teams will get a prize and a trophy for each team member! First place team will get first choice. Second place team will get second choice. Third place team will receive the last package.

Package 1: Acro F3 Flight Controller

  • STM32F303 CPU, 72Mhz
  • 6-DOF (3 accel, 3 gyro)
  • 8 Dedicated PWM outputs
  • 8 PWM Inputs
  • 36 I/O Connections
  • good for drone projects

Package 2: Teensy LC

Teensy LC

  • 48 MHz
  • 62 KB Flash, 8 KB Ram
  • 27 digital I/O, 10 PWM
  • 13 analog inputs
  • 3 UART, 2 SPI, 2 I2C
Arduino Uno (Comparison)

  • 16 MHz
  • 32 KB Flash, 2 KB Ram
  • 14 digital I/O, 6 PWM
  • 6 analog inputs
  • 1 UART, 1 SPI, 1 I2C
  • Arduino IDE compatitble
  • basically 3 times the power at 1/3 times the size
  • good for embedded projects

Package 3: Arduino Mega + Wifi

Arduino Mega

  • 16 MHz
  • 256 KB Flash, 8 KB Ram
  • 54 digital I/O, 15 PWM
  • 16 analog inputs
  • 4 UART, 1 SPI, 1 I2C
Arduino Uno (Comparison)

  • 16 MHz
  • 32 KB Flash, 2 KB Ram
  • 14 digital I/O, 6 PWM
  • 6 analog inputs
  • 1 UART, 1 SPI, 1 I2C
  • on board ESP8266 WiFi Module
    • 80 Mhz
    • 4 MBytes (= 32Mbits) Flash
    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n, support WPA/WPA2)
  • good for Internet of Things (IoT) projects

What to Bring?

The competition will take a full day, and you don’t want your robot to break down halfway through the competition! Therefore, it is best to bring extra supply to fix your robot along the way. Some supplies to consider are:

  • extra batteries
  • duct tape
  • glue gun
  • jumper wire
  • toolkit
    • screwdrivers
    • pliers
    • voltmeter

Also, don’t forget to bring your laptops and the cables for debugging!

More details will be available when the date approaches.


McMaster Sumobot Executive Team